Shut Up Already

Reading libertarian discussion for me has become like reading a book, then a crappy sequel, followed by a crappier sequel, followed by the worst sequel yet, followed by the worst sequel ever. There's enough people out there talking about why "free healthcare" doesn't work and they're right, it doesn't, but you aren't doing a whole lot of good with that trillion-cell megaprocessor in your skull if all you can do is give outputs identical to the inputs.

Why does government program X suck? It's a countereffective, immoral, expensive, arbitrary, inefficient, and competition-killing bureaucracy driven by political posturing and run by idiots. Of course, this describes every government program ever in the history of the world. Let's not go over this shit again.

We all know by now that taxation is bad, regulation is bad, tariffs are bad, quotas are bad, subsidies are bad, and prohibition is bad. When we forget this, in case we ever do, it doesn't take a lot of time at to remember this, since they seem so eager to hammer it in at times. Let's not go over this shit again.

The state is a logically indefensible institution containing countless unresolvable contradictions. Corporations are legal fictions granting limited liability. Okay, we know this. Shut up.

I had the minarchy/anarchy debate. A few times. I'm bored of it. I don't gain any greater understanding of the world by arguing it anymore. I stopped arguing anarchy/minarchy when I stopped getting something valuable out of it. I'm way past getting anything out of that debate. I'm way past getting anything out of arguments from the efficiency of the market. I've learned probably 98% of what there is to know about these things, and the last 2% is stuff that nobody else knows either.

Fuck it.

There's a lot of stuff we don't know, or worse, stuff we don't know that we think we do. This is where the emphasis belongs. We don't all understand libertarian class theory. We don't all know the history of anarchism. We don't all know how to turn all our valuable libertarian insights into something concrete. We don't all know our own contradictions. Why are these things never addressed by libertarians? Why are libertarians too busy rehashing the infinitely hashed? Why do libertarians love beating the dead horse to death?

Let's figure out what we don't know. Let's talk to people with ideas we aren't familiar with. Let's look for our own contradictions, instead of other people's contradictions. Let's do something new.

But if you're not gonna help, shut up already.


Lord Metroid said...

WoW, I think I found a new blog to follow... Good points, specially the last paragraph. I personally moved on and am now debating with anarchists about more important things and hard to solve. is the best location I found so far as it is occupied by anarchist of all factions and that really makes a good environment to push contradictions on each other.

Anonymous said...

Class is definately an issue that needs exploring and so is community. Seems to me agorists are an offshoot of individualist anarchism as is american mutualism. Proudhon, 19th century French, Spanish and Mexican mutualists were social anarchists. As are most left or post left anarchists. In the debate between the two wings of anarchy this seems to be ignored, along with anti-state activism.