Today, reading some forums, I noticed something. Something changed.

Ron Paul's chances for presidency were destroyed in the most evident and obvious manner it possibly could on February fifth. Since then, the messages I'm seeing posted about the means to liberty have taken a sudden, unexpected, and fortunate turn toward dropping out, starving the state, and building up an alternative among the populus rather than in the state. The backlash has begun.

Among the posts is an excellent one by John Shaw on the Free Talk Live forum. Here's most of it. It was a response to the resident Randroid's rather sudden change to anarchism and a call to Shrug.

Yeah, it's shrug time. Has been for a while. (Ron Paul is going to finally cement it for a lot of people, I guess.)

I gave up after Harry Browne, personally, but I'm a little older, and started the Libertarian path quite a bit younger than a lot of people.

The conclusion I came to was that, AnCap or Minarchist doesn't matter at this point, because the system is falling apart. Every injection of faith in the system, like hopeful elections and economic upswings are just delaying the process. I may have been incorrect on one thing; People getting their hopes up and having them dashed (Ian's "Political Burnout") may well start to influence people to drop out of the system who wouldn't have otherwise. In that sense the Ron Paul thing might have been helpful.

I have my doubts though. Death throes of a nation can take a hell of a long time. So long as there is blood and a heartbeat, the vampires will feed.

Get away from places where government is strong, and develop skills that will help you reduce your dependencies on other people as much as possible. Clashing with the police state leaves a fine red mist and one less freedom lover.

The FSP probably isn't much help, the more I think about it, because they seem to be centered around propping up the system mostly. Voting, running for office, and generally justifying the existence of local governments. The activists are mostly interested in getting horribly persecuted as publicly and as often as possible. I don't think they are "Bad" like a lot of people, I just know that getting your ass thrown into prison over and over again loses you credibility with the people you are trying to convince.

Having said that, moving to Hew Hampshire isn't a bad idea in the sense of building a little solidarity with like minded people. If a bunch of people are moving there who are liberty lovers, well, it might be a good place to live. Go for it. It probably won't hurt, at least.

The system has got to go. No matter what the replacement is, AnCapistan or Minarchitopia or dictatorship of the purple helmeted yogurt slingers. The fruit has to fall and rot for a new seed to grow. Stop attaching chains to the side of the fruit. Stop attaching parachutes to slow its descent. Stop bolting on springs to cushion the impact. Stop spraying vitamin C to hide the blemishes, and for crying out loud, stop eating bad fruit. Bury your ass in a seed or get as far away as possible before it rots out.

Then we can worry about whether or not enough stolen government taxes to pick up garbage and shoot murderers is a crime against humanity.

There are going to be problems. There have always been problems. Some people are going to jump the gun and start sawing away at fruit stems. They're gonna advocate violence. Then they'll find suckers to implement violence. We rational people can't stop them. There will be people who will pigheadedly breathe their last breath trying to save the system. No abomination will ever be foul enough to make them get up off their sofa and take any action. They're the poor schmucks who will try fleeing the cities with an SUV, a crate of bottled water, and a box of beef jerky. We rational people can't stop them either.

No words will convince a man bent on killing not to kill, and no words will convince a pussy to grow a pair before it's too late. You can't help these people and they certainly can't help you. Get away from them.

Don't die in the streets like a mad dog, or under your bed like a cowering child. Remain rational.

Go to New Hampshire. Or go someplace else that's relatively safe. Do what you have to do and do it on your own terms, because you want to, not because some dipshit propagandist badgered you into it. Build your gulch someplace, where you have as little contact with your enemy as possible. Avoid their attention. Do what you have to do to not be noticed. Don't antagonize them and expect not to have a fight. And if you decide to have your fight, don't fucking drag anybody else down with you.

For some people, doing this includes paying some taxes. Get over it. For some people it's worth it to pay off the enemy in exchange for their life. Maybe they place some value on it or something. Calling them traitors isn't gonna do a damned thing but alienate the only friends you might have, if you are an AnCap. Or go ahead. No skin off my back.

Let the natural process take its course. Let the fruit fall in its own time. Don't waste your time involving yourself in things you can't effect. Or go right ahead. It's not my funeral. But if you love your life, treat it like something you love. Nurture it.

Keep your powder dry, avoid bad people. Wait it out and have a good of a time as you can doing so. It would really suck to look back on your life, realize that it will be long after you're dead that this whole thing is even going to happen, (The great collapse, whatever. Everybody thinks that something big and monumentally astounding is going to happen during their lives. It usually doesn't.) and see that your entire life was wasted holding up a bad apple.

There are also several smaller posts around the forum where people are realizing the hopelessness of politics and advocating the dropout. This is such a welcome sight. More libertarians than in recent memory, and possibly ever, are skeptical of the claim that you can use use civilized means to get civilization from the uncivilized, turn an institution of aggresion into one of justice, or shrink a parasite of such nature that it always grows. I just hope it lasts.


camelCase said...

It sounds like things have gotten more fun over there since the inevitable decline and fall of Ron Paul...
Big change.

MobileDigit said...

I hope you won't ignore my post which explains the problems in your, John Shaw, and Brede's reasoning.

We shouldn't ignore the problem that exists in people's heads.

Zhwazi said...

Dropping out isn't ignoring the problem in other people's heads, but the logical course of action once having resolved the problem in your own. Politics does not solve the problems in other people's heads.