New Toy

I got a rifle last week. It's a 10/22 Carbine with a Bushnell scope. It's pictured here alongside my XD-40.

It took a while for me to figure out what to get. The 10/22 wasn't high on the list for most of that period of time. What I'd also wanted to get was an M59/66, a Yugoslavian-made (and exceptionally tough) SKS. I also considered a WASR-10 (like an AK-47), an M1 Garand (from the CMP), and a few shotguns from Mossberg (notably the 590 and Maverick 88). For a cheap gun to shoot with, I'd looked at the 10/22 and the Marlin Model 60, both .22lr, a 3-cent round as opposed to the 20-cent round used by the SKS and WASR, or the 40-cent round used by the M1. Eventually I figured, I might as well learn to shoot with cheap ammo before I get a gun that'll cost a lot more to practice with. No point wasting more expensive ammo learning skills I could get with a .22 instead. It was a bit of a toss-up between the Marlin Model 60 and the 10/22, I liked the Marlin's price and reputation for accuracy, and I didn't mind having a tubular magazine. The 10/22 was more expensive, but I still like detatchable magazines and I could tolerate mediocre accuracy if I had to. I really don't know what prompted me to get the 10/22 over the Marlin. I was standing at the Walmart gun rack looking at the two rifles I wanted, and I still couldn't figure which one to get. I eventually broke my indecision the best way I knew how: Pick one by no particular criterion, and force myself to stick with it.

I can't wait to take it to the range, which might be a while still away, since my boss (I no longer work at KFC, by the way) keeps asking me to come in on the weekends and I work during the week too. D'oh. That's what I get for not having broken out of the "job" system yet.

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