Free Yourself

One of the things people tell me a lot is "Oh yeah? Well what are you doing for the cause of freedom? At least I vote."

It's kinda important not to let freedom become detached from what it is. Freedom means freedom for people. As of the last time I checked, I'm a person. Anything I do to free myself is done for the cause of freedom. Freedom isn't a cause that can be totally separated from the people to be freed. Freedom is more than just a metaphorical shrinking of a government myth.

If I find a way out of paying taxes, that's morally equivalent to a tax cut. If I find a way to become an entrepreneur, that's morally equivalent to easing the plight of the working class from the big business exploiters. I don't need to be a useless political type advocating for a law that won't get passed, "something for nothing" in theory reversed into "nothing for something" in practice. Reducing the national tax burden by say, $10,000 (of my own money), makes me infinity times as effective as agitating for tax cuts in a world where whether or not tax cuts will be had is more dependent on which party is in power. Without libertarians agitating for tax cuts, you'd still get just as many tax cuts of just as great size. Spend your efforts toward something that gets results.

But that's what I'm doing for freedom. Freeing someone.

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