Ron Paul is NOT our Risen LORD and Savior

...although that seems to be news for some people.

I've been relatively shut up about Ron Paul, but some people just won't return the favor and shut up about Ron Paul.

I've contributed literally nothing to the Ron Paul campaign. I haven't suggested him to anyone. I haven't drawn attention to him. I haven't advocated him as a libertarian. I've lol'd a bit at the media blackouts, and talked about him to people who were already talking about him, but that's it. And I'm proud of my inaction.

As I've said elsewhere, the Ron Paul campaign is analogous to a running faucet. It's a total waste, and it makes a lot of noise. It's annoying. It's more annoying when they make themselves an enemy and say I hate freedom because I don't support Ron Paul.

But most annoying are those rabid advocates of Ron Paul willing to suspend rational thought because it feels good. There are actual, living, breathing Libertarians in this world who believe that Ron Paul is our one and only path to a libertarian heaven where the money is made of gold and there is no taxation and the government doesn't do 90% of what it does now. I've got a beef with this kind of dependent thought. Libertarians, those most individualistic of individualists, independent of independents, should recognize dependence upon god-figures for what they are.

One guy I met tried to convince me that Ron Paul is actually an anarchist, and his election would usher in a golden age of libertarianism. Seriously, go drink some Drano to unclog your brain.

This is what libertarianism is coming to. Politician worship. This is why I like to analogize church and state. Ron Paul is an American political Jesus. Now let us all sing in his praise, Amen.

The campaign is also bringing back that terrible idea that the libertarian platform should be watered down for the masses. Last time I heard this argument it was about the Libertarian Reform Caucus, which advocates increasing tax rates. Now it's the same reasoning from the same people; Libertarianism is too extreme. It must be hidden from the view of the public for only those most hardcore of hardcores to view.

For those spineless faithful libertarian masses that don't give a shit about principle or the fully comprehended and consistent truth of libertarianism, the remote possibility of seeing a partial implementation of a neutered libertarianism is omniimportant. My prediction: They're not going anywhere. Ron Paul is gonna flop. Even if he wins the Republican nomination (I give it a 5% chance), he won't win the election (libertarianism is too easy to smear, and the most compelling counter-arguments have already been sacrificed to make it appeal to the masses), and even if he wins the election (which I give a 1% chance), he isn't going to bring forth a new age of Libertarianism in America. I give this latter possibility a zero percent chance because it's just impossible.

Ron Paulites: Think long term.

Have you ever characterized government growth as "inexorable" or "the natural tendency of government?" If you have, you're right. Do you really think that if we repealed every law passed since 1902, we'll find ourselves someplace other than back in 2002 before we get to 2052 much less 2102? If you do, you're a hypocrite. If you don't, then you're an idiot.

Big government is wrong. I know it. You know it. Let time show everybody else that it is true. Irresponsible short-run thinking is a statist trait, not a libertarian one. Libertarians shouldn't be choosing another hundred years of statism to gain a 4 year respite today.

Governments are never and will never be destroyed by gradual whittling down from within. The Browne idea that we should "Get the government down to 1% of it's actual size, then argue about whether or not to abolish it entirely" is erroneous. If one believes that it should be abolished entirely, it's not going to be abolished for the next 200 years after that, and some hundred some years into that, people will be right where they are now governmentally speaking. Choose NOW whether you want organized crime to be extremely small or nonexistent. If you want it extremely small, I urge you to go waste your time and effort on Ron Paul. If you want it gone entirely, you have less counterproductive things to be doing.

We're already seeing the first stages of a depression, and we're long overdue for one. The lending crisis and the canadian dollar finally overtaking the FRN in value should be glaring signs. Voting in Ron Paul now, even if successful, will have biased historians for the next 70 years blaming libertarianism and sound money and banking on this depression. Next person into office won't be a libertarian, and public opinion will be polarized against libertarianism for decades to come.

Ron Paul is NOT Jesus Christ. STOP ACTING LIKE IT.

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Aaron Kinney said...

Yes he is. All hail Ron Paul the Christ.