When I made my other blog, I made it with the intention of being informative and helpful and giving insight. So far that's what I've stayed true to, with little exception. But I've got more to say than fits in that category. I've got rants. I've got to call people dumbasses. I've got to bitch about personal crap. In case you don't read my other blog or talk to me directly regularly enough to know, here's a bit about me.

I'm a deep anarchist. There is no state. I'm a strong atheist. There is no god. I'm a strong libertarian. I'm an agorist. I'm a nudist. I'm a gun nut, and gunowner. I'm a geek. I use Linux and open-source software. I'm a participant of the Free State Project and First 1000 pledge. I'm a freethinker. I'm an extropian and a transhumanist.

I'm a bisexual male, into humans and dolphins. I'm a furry. I don't believe in marriage.

I don't try to make enemies, but I've got enemies to bitch about because a lot of people do try to make enemies.

My other blog mentions some rather unknown concepts and whenever I mention one I'll link to the relevant explanatory posts on my other blog. Whenever I use unknown ideas that don't come primarily from my blog, I'll refer to some other source.

I'm in a lot of minorities because I've thought about those things and concluded that most people are wrong. That gives me a lot to talk about.

People seem to really like my other blog so hopefully if their standards are lower than mine or their tastes include destructive ranting and not just constructive thinking, they'll like this one too.

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Ineffabelle said...

I find a lot to empathize with in this post.