The Friend of my Friend is my Enemy

I don't like to make enemies. Some people do. So I've got enemies. The number one trait of all my enemies is that they make themselves my enemy. Consider it my humble opinion that making enemies is so dumb it's not funny, unless you're trying to depress rationality, in which case your real goal isn't making enemies, it's keeping the group cohesive, like a church or a state or racists have to. But some people make enemies for the sake of making enemies anyways.

I dunno if Rand herself did it, but the way some randists go around bludgeoning people with their cocky "fuck the poor, the rich are 50 times better than them" attitude (if they don't explicitly say it, they sure act like they did), seemingly just to piss off the supposed enemies, is a great example. The way anarchocapitalists say that anarchosocialists aren't real anarchists or the way social anarchists say anarchocapitalists aren't real anarchists is a also a good example. And that's why I go with the "without adjectives" adjective.

Conservatives are really bad about this. The whole goddamn world is out to get the conservatives. There's a vast conspiracy to make America speak spanish. The arabs hate our freedoms. Atheists want Satan to win the battle against God. Gays want human procreation to cease, and want to indoctorinate the existing kids in how to be gay by adopting them. Darwinists are trying to force them to teach their kids that gay sex isn't wrong. In fact, it seems like everybody except a conservative's family, church, government, and Fox News are out to get them, which is so fucking backwards it's not even funny. It's like minor-league conspiracy theorizing, and probably explains why all the conspiracy nuts are on the right where they're already prone to thinking that silly shit. Conservatism is addicted to fear and hatred and the easiest way to keep the fear and hatred up is to have a never-ending train of enemies. Maybe if conservatism wasn't such a backward, traditionally-oriented philosophy it'd not be full of such angry retards. Watching Fox News is like watching people being given subliminal instructions: Hate this group. Hate that group. These guys are your enemies. This person hates you personally. Be afraid of X, Y, and Z. Look how offensive this asshole is. He probably hates you."

Worse, everyone in my family is a conservative, except my dad, who's a bit apolitical and libertarian-leaning most of the time. At least he's not in the tradition trap. But I still have to lie to most of them. My dad, I'm happy just not telling him and he doesn't ask. He doesn't seem to mind that I'm an anarchist, atheist, and nudist. I lie to pretty much everybody else. I pretend to believe in god and government and family values and pretend to not be who I am around my family because they still think they've got a claim to my life and they'll go out of their way to make mine difficult if they find out they don't. They already seem to do it.

Some people even see my compatiblistic political approach as an enemy, since it threatens the highly-valued distinct identity of anarcho-capitalism. Even your friends are your enemies if they're somebody else's friend too.

It's fucking stupid and especially difficult for me to go along with in practice. I don't like enemies. So sometimes I'll lie about who I am (so far, only to family members) so that they don't see me as an enemy, but I hate lying too.

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